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It is 30 years after the events of Dragon Age:Inquisition. The new Divine Honoria sees the time of major reform has come. The Old Guard resent her reforms because power is more spread out. To help prevent various groups from resisting her reforms she created the Eyes of the Divine. It is a medium sized intelligence outfit. You are a part of that group which is headed by the daughter of the Herald Ellana Lavellan who is now 27 and is named Gallia Tremere. She got her position at such a young age not only due to her connections but her high intelligence and her great skill at magic. She thinks Thedas is greatly overdue for reform and is quite driven. You work directly for her as her top group. As such you must be Andrastean as the Chantry wouldn't want outsiders digging up dirt. You will go against Blood Mages, Templars, Nobles, Priests and demons processing one of the above. There are far from few commoners that object as well, if a smaller percentage.

You are PL 10 ,150 PP and can be of any race (human, elf , dwarf and even Qunari) with any non-human getting that as one of the character's complications. Social and investigation skills are must with stealth being handy as well. As far as powers go , make sure they fit the setting. For example elemental and healing spells are quite common, things like time manipulation and mind control are off limits. If you played Dragon Age you probably have a good idea, if not just ask. Even non-mages can have powers although more restricted. For example, Templars will have magic resistance type powers but can't fly.

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