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  • Created Jan 26 '19
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A Dragon Warriors RPG game set in The Thousand Islands.

Dont know Dragon Warriors? Then grab the core book here for whatever you want to pay or nothing...but a little bit would be nice.

The setting of The Thousand Islands is the SE Asia of the world of Legend so think Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

There will be a few differences, mainly to equipment and flavour, from the Professions in the core book but we can sort through those during prep.


The young king of Pulau Kutam, Dharmmodayana Warmadewa, has a problem....a problem he'd rather no one else know about....especially his wife. His queen, Mahendradatta, has travelled home to her fathers island the seat of the great and golden Garudan Empire but she will be returning shortly. Their young son, Airlangga, has gone missing and both of the courts Balian ( Healers*) have disappeared.

The king has sent out quiet word through trusted messengers for people that can assist and assist with utter discretion.

Are you up to the task?

* The court had both a Balian Taksu (who draws power from nature or spirits and creates medicine from holy water, flowers and plants) and a Balian Ketakson ( who summons and petitions spirits to either remove or fight illness).

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