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You have just come back home from a dungeon awaiting a good long night's rest when you see that you have a letter from one of your relatives. It reads:
Dear [character's name],

I have recently noticed that there is something following me. I am almost sure it's origin is of shadow. It is a large creature with tentacles and can fit into small spaces for it's size. There would only be one reason that it would follow me: for The Shining Elements. I am sorry that I have not mentioned it before but it had to be kept a secret. It is a weapon of unimaginable power and in the wrong hands only the gods know what would happen. I have talked with my contacts and they say that the shadows are slowly taking hold of reality. They have already seized control of a few demiplanes and are creeping into our world slowly but surely. The Shining Elements would be the only thing that could stop them and they will attempt to own it soon. I have faith in you to keep it in safe hands and it is being sent to you now. I could not deliver it all the way so you will have to retrieve it at the Togpa peninsula. Afterward, go to the wizards of Yayal to unlock the powers of The Shining Elements. You must go at once but also meet with 5 adventurers that I have paid a grand sum of money to for your assistance of keeping The Shining Elements safe. Meet them at the city square of Celdu but hurry and do not care for me because that shadow-like creature will have killed me by then.

Thank you,
Nekum Strodlut


You have been relaxing in your house for several days now after an exhausting adventure fighting Kobolds. But suddenly, during the night, you are grabbed from behind the back and a dagger is thrust in front of your throat. A menacing voice whispers "Don't try anything or i'll kill you and neither of us want that to happen." Then he bashes your head with the handle of the dagger and you start to fall unconsions. As you fade into a dream you hear him laugh. Hours later you wake up to find yourself in a dark cavern.

-2nd level
-500g starting gold
-28 point but
-0 or 1 level adjustment of any race. (but it has to be approved first)
-All base classes. Just ask if you want to play a different class. (I will probably allow it, even custom)
-I will allow prestige classes at the appropriate level
-Someone should be a Cleric of Lathander or else everyone is going to die
-6 PCs will be allowed in this section
-Applications due 1/09/09

-3rd level
-200g starting gold
-28 point but
-Human, Shadar'kai, or Drow. (You can play a Drow that are a lesser version with a LA 0. Just ask if you want to use it.)(I might allow a different races if you want them.)
-All base classes and Shadowcaster are allowed. Just ask if you want to play a different class. (I will probably allow it, even custom)
-I will allow prestige classes at the appropriate level
-I suggest at least one rogue (hopefully two) in this section
-4 PCs will be allowed in this section
-Applications due 1/16/09

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