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The world of Earth 8 is a multiversal universe of overlapping realities. In actuality there is only one universe, but it is a layered reality. Each universe exists within the exact same frame of space-time and is separated by slight variations of quantum attunement. There is a constant flux within this system as the universes vibrate in and out of similar frequencies. This allows for an effect that has been given the whimsical name Crossover in the superhuman scientific community. The points of congruence that remain in a state of stable quantum overlap are know as Nexus’s of Realities.

For the most part individual realities keep to themselves, content with just living life within their own dimensions. And many governing bodies feel it better that the populations of their respective world remain uniformed about the true state of the universe. Although there is a subconscious spillage. Artisans of all sorts write, draw sing and make films about fantastic worlds and being that they believe are coming from their own imaginations, never realizing that their minds are in effect touching these alternate realities in their deepest phase of sleep.

Initiated universes have enacted a set of Accords to maintain balance and order within the Multiverse. To enforce order where needed a powerful race know as the Oans (see DC Universe) in conjunction with the Worldmind (see Marvel Universe) have created a multidimentional militia. The force is stationed within a UN like consulate of the many realities located within the oldest and most stable Nexus. This allows them to journey to any reality instantaneously to deal with threats and violations to the Universal Accords. The most serious infraction against the Accord is universal invasion.

While there is nothing in the treaty to prevent interaction between worlds, any attempt to subjugate another universe is dealt with quickly and harshly.

On a further note an interesting side effect of quantum travel between worlds is the matching of one’s resonance to that of the universe you have just entered. Termed Scaling, it is similar to passing through the Distortion Area before entering the Negative Zone (see Marvel Universe: Negative Zone), which converts matter into anti-matter and vice a versa. In a similar fashion each universe applies its “rules” to visitors from other realities. This can sometimes lead to a tremendous fluctuation in the power levels of beings entering other dimensions.Welcome the Earth-8 or Earth Infinity as I like to call it. This is a game setting of my own design using the Marvel Super Heroes rpg system by TRS. Earth-8 is a world of overlapping realities, a place where literally anything can happen. So expect the unexpected, or even the downright impossible. But most important of all, have fun.

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