Oath Bound

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Promising but ill-fated young heroes from across the multiverse have been rescued from their fates by a mysterious power, drawn to a new world... in which they have a second chance to make something of themselves.

Time will tell whether or not they succeed.Across the multiverse, there are countless examples of would-be heroes with great talent and potential... who, though no fault of their own, found that potential cut short. Most are now dead; and they meet their final reward in a matter befitting their failure... from the sympathetic but disappointed 'thanks for trying' in the Heavens, to interminable torture followed by soul harvesting in the Hells. Some rarer few survived the moment that ended their story, and live on in sorry bondage; either enslaved by a power greater then they, or crippled by the path they chose. Rarer still are those who are given a second chance.

These are their stories.

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