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Into the Disputed Lands

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  • Created May 9 '19
  • Last Post Yesterday at 12:36am
  • Status Running
  • System Pathfinder

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When the last Sareltine Emperor died, everyone assumed that the result would be civil war and maybe a new dynasty. Instead, warlords broke the Empire into a myriad of successor states that war across much of the known world, as banditry and savage humanoids become greater and greater threats.

Two of those successor states, Pellia and Vancia, have, to try and keep the fragile peace that neither wants, banned either realm from sending soldiers into the Disputed Lands between them. Unfortunately, that makes the Disputed Lands a haven for criminals, exiles, outcasts, rebels, loners and worse. And trade must still cross this stretch of territory, one way or another.

Predictably, bandits have been attracted to this trade - and now, to keep the peace between the realms, Adventurers have been dispatched to the ruins of an old Imperial Fort, Fort Falcoth to drive the Wolf Brotherhood from their strangling position on a critical trade route.

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