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Power Beyond Reason

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  • Created May 11 '19
  • Last Post Jul 11 '19 at 11:53pm
  • Status Running
  • System World of Darkness

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The world is sick and dying. The politicians, CEO's, and world leaders are more concerned with dodging the public eye than improving the world in the slightest. Activists pushing for a new world are murdered by hate groups or dirty cops, and the legal system is less a way to determine right and wrong than powerful and weak.

Monsters hunt in the dark, and trying to fight is a death sentence. They are stronger than you, faster than you, and they own the world around you so thoroughly that you'd be called a madman for trying to find them. This is their playground, and you are their toys.

Or at least, you were.

You saw something that was supposed to be kept a secret. Maybe it was on accident, or maybe you were invited into a secret order, or maybe someone thought they could have some fun turning the rest of your life into a very short hell. Then? The details are different for everyone, but you all walked away unstoppable, and now you've got a choice.

With all this power, and with this new terrible world laid out in front of you, what will you do to it?

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