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  • Created May 11 '19
  • Last Post May 14 '19 at 1:06pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Fate/Fudge

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Game Description

The Exiles, a dimensionally displaced team of heroes charged by mysterious benefactors to hop from parallel world to world righting wrongs and saving the multiverse.

Based on the Exiles comic book published by Marvel, this version of the Exiles will broaden focus to worlds in a combined multiverse with Marvel and DC characters. This game will use the Four Colour Fate Accelerated Edition supplement and FAE itself, both of which are pay what you want on Drivethru RPG.

Characters must be suitably heroic or willing to fight for the sake of the multiverse. They can be based on any existing Marvel or DC character but are not from the mainline universe of either. You are an alternate version of a known character and can be different from the original in any number of ways.

Aspects will be:
-Portrayal: Your High Concept and what you want to be seen as
-Problem: Your Trouble and what you are most hindered by
-Power: Your Origin and what makes you super
-Past: Your background, the world you grew up on and how it affects you in the present
-Personality: Your character quirks, belief or motto

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