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  • Created May 14 '19
  • Last Post Yesterday at 4:35am
  • Status Running
  • System Pathfinder

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If this game catches your interest then I would recommend that you look through the forum at the setting information and character creation rules. There are a few key facts and rules in both sections that will be relevant when creating a character. Again, I ask that any potential player be patient and understanding that this is my first time running a homebrew game or this setting in particular. Things may change mid game as certain rules do or don't work. Keeping things fun for everyone, or at least the majority, comes first.

I'll be recruiting 4-5 players.

I will keep the application process up for a couple weeks but may extend or close early depending on interest. I'll currently set it for 6/14/2019.

I might be missing something, please feel free to point it out as I am new here.

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