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Premise: A group of exceptional people with skills related to either the military, law-enforcement, and/or counter-intelligence are recruited by a covert organization to form a special team of anti-terrorists!

System: We'll be using Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition rules. You will make TWO characters: the first will be a Power Level 6, 90 Power Point non-superhuman specialist. The second character will be a PL10, 150PP version of the original character, using the extra points for effects, advantages, and/or enhanced abilities. The descriptor for your powers will be "atomic". I'm allowing any M&M 3e books, with Power Profiles and 3rd-party material approved by me. I have a few quirks to add:

  • I want to keep the pay-scale normal, so 'Benefit: Wealth' is prohibited
  • Because it irks me, the 'Uncanny Dodge' advantage is prohibited
  • All PCs get FREE advantages because you're elite: Assessment, Benefit: Security Clearance, Benefit: Status, Connected, Contacts, Diehard, Favored Foe (pick a criminal/terrorist type or organization), Inspire, Languages 2, Leadership, Luck, Move-by Action, Quick Draw, Skill Mastery, Teamwork, Ultimate Effort, and Well-informed
  • Equipment is FREE, including a work-related vehicle, courtesy of your employer. HQs are prohibited.
  • All PCs should have Patriotism and/or Responsibility as Motivations
  • All non-superhuman PCs should have the following Complications: Enemy (your choice), Quirk (a personality trait or habit that comes into play often), and Responsibility (employer). You get a Hero Point when these are triggered.
  • All Superhuman PCs should have either the Power Loss or Weakness Complications.

If you experience problems making your superhuman concept fit the points, let me know. I can make it fit.

Setting: We'll be playing this out in the Eighties, dude! Specifically, 1985. If you remember the 80's, great! If you don't, there were no cellphones, no internet, the fashion was wild and the music was fun. This is a world-spanning adventure but, the United States will be the focus. Your characters can begin anywhere within the continental U.S.

Backstory: This should have some depth. I'm using PC backstories to feed to the adventure so, the more, the merrier. Of course, only your PL6 character needs a backstory.

Mood: This is a 'Greyscale' adventure: Humor/sarcasm is encouraged and I'll be injecting a lot of it. The 80's, compared to 2019, was very optimistic and I'd like to engage that. But, the dangerous aspect of this adventure also brings levels of horror. When things get dark, it will be the PCs responsibility to drag us back into the light.

Posting Schedule: While posting daily gets us to the finish quicker, I realize everyone can't post daily. Instead, I need at least three posts a week, Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday are your time.

Recruitment Period: I'll be accepting apps until the 14th, then launching the IC thread adventure on the evening of the 16th. Interested players can post character sheets here

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