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Four Seasons of the Apocalypse

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  • Created Jun 8 '19
  • Last Post Jun 8 '19 at 3:23pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Apocalypse World

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Classic Apocalypse World 2E game with a slight twist. We will plays for 8 sessions only, with the season changing every two sessions (in-game time will jump about a month). It'll be episodic with a larger, overarching plot in the background.

So far the setting is not set in stone. We could start in a sprawling city rising above poisoned fog, or maybe it'll be a jagged ice shelf that melts away every summer. It really depends on what the group comes up with.

What are the four seasons like? What's it all building up to? Will the groundhog make an appearance? We'll find out once we start playing!

Looking for 2-4 players. The tone of the game will be standard post-apocalyptic stuff, though I do want to focus more on weather, wildlife, and weirdness.

To apply just make a thread using the character sheet template provided.

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