The Mystery Within

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Game Information
  • Created Jan 6 '09
  • Last Post Mar 3 '09 at 6:15pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Alternity

Game Description

Either being volunteered or agreeing to go, you have been taken to the Aegis system to a planet called Bluefall. Here you participate in a medical study of infectious disease and cures.
You are astutely told that you are in no danger and no harm will befall you.
After 1 month of being poked and prodded like an animal, all in the name of betterment for science; things change. A group of what appear to be Weren dressed in all black, attack. They do mostly grunt work, break down doors, scare people and the like. They are followed by a group of smaller and more destructive soldiers, also in black. The second wave uses high tech weapons and decimate the scientist in short order. A third wave comes in at the end and declare everyone left to be contagious and must be killed and bodies burned.
During the ensuieng mayhen you manage to escape and find one of a few small crafts left intact. During your pre flight regulations, the small craft is fired upon. Making your departure fast and untimely, having not the chance to program in any set coordinates.
You fly through space for what seems days, tired and hungry, and fatigued.You awake with dreary eye's and parched lips. Your muscles are sore and bruised badly, and possibly a broken rib. As you open your eyes partially, the bright light forcing you to squint; you see the color of white, and alot of it. The hustle of people is heard, as are the shadowy shapes of bodies moving around you.
After a moment of adjusting your vision you see that you are in some sort of medical facility, though much different than the one you left.
A human male stands at the foot of the bed, seemingly impatient. His arms crossed and a frustrated look upon his face, as he watches you squirm around in the bed.
"It's good to see that you have finally woken." The impatient man says as he looks down at you.
The frail human walks to a nearby stand and opens a long drawer, removing grey and blue colored clothing. He comes to your bed side and drops the clothing next to you.
"Put those on and then we can be on our way." He stands there for a mere second before moving to the single door. He opens it partially and begins to step out before he stops and turns around.
"Mr. Kind's associate will answer any questions you have, so please do not ask me." With that he exits the room and closes the door, leaving you alone to change into the clothing he left.
After a few minutes there is a knock at the door, and before you can move to answer the small human man opens it up and peers inside. A small smile spreads across his face as he pushes the door open fully and enters.
"You look great, now please follow me. I am already late for an appointment and i must apologize for rushing you about."
He reaches out for your wrist and gently gives you a small tug, not trying to drag you behind him, just an urge to follow.
You both walk down the well lit and white corridor of the hospital. Nurses pass you by as do a few beaten and bruised patients. Most of the people here have a dark soot like dust covering their skin and those who dont seem to be with someone that does. The man leads you down the hall and to the left, to an open elevator. Upon entering you lower 3 floors, the air around you seems to cool some and take on a more stale smell.
The hallway outside the elevator changes dramatically to a pale grey metal and dimly lit. The tiles upon the floor are made of rock and security cameras are spaced every fifteen or so feet. There are no windows or other doors, or even an off-shoot hallway. You both walk down the hall to a single barred door at the end. A larger door than normal and well made. It looks to be a solid metal and set firmly in palce, with a very sophisticated mechanical lock.
The human man taps a number on the lock and a gruff voice is heard coming from a com unit placed in the door.
"Who comes to the door and what business?"
The man replies, in his sft and gentle tone.
"Mr. Kinvalli, guests."
A whizzing and whirring sound comes from the door, and a jet of steam shoots out by your feet, warming them for a breif second. Beside the door a totally undistinguishable slab of rock slides back into the wall. The man motions for you to enter through the hidden passageway.
As you go through a blueish-green light scans your body, followed by a slight beep sound; it does the same for the man following you. After passing the med scan you look into the room before you.

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