The Broken King: The Pursuit of the Therolin

Game Description

Evil tribes have kidnapped thousands. The governments and armies can do nothing. Please help.It is midday Tuesday. In the town square, the crier can be heard bearing dire news.
"Mass kidnappings plague the free men and women of Jundor! One in ten people missing!"

This news is all too familiar to you.

You long to do something. You have dedicated your life to your training. If only there were some organization amongst the chaos this event has brought. You are strong, but you know you cannot stand alone against the amazing strength of the Running Therolin and their allies.
It is the middle of the night. You are awakened by a knock at your door. You open it to find a scroll case. It is tied with a blue ribbon and bearing three emblems: One in the likeness of a panther, one of a lynx, and the other of a lion . The messenger was good--there are no signs of anyone ever having been here.

Uncapping the case, you find a parchment. Opening it, the first line reads,

"You have been selected, among few others, for your skills are in dire need."

You continue reading, wondering how or why someone might seek you out. You are very good at what you do, but who all knows that?

"The kingdoms have been struck many times over these past few years. This time too hard. You have probably been directly stricken, and if not, we certainly face a common enemy.

The governments are too bound in their laws, diplomacy, and lack of fighting spirit to take necessary action against this threat. We, the free men and women, must act.

You know the severity of this situation, and you may choose, or choose not, to aid us. Surely, all of Jundor knows of this problem, but none know of the developing solution. If you care to join us, you'll find our meeting place and time on the back of this parchment. If not, please reveal not our plans, and burn this letter, for our enemy's eyes and ears are everywhere, and we few have become the only remaining hope in all of Jundor.

Sir Karimn Jorman, Former Forest Scout of the Army of Pinecrest at Andovir
Sir Cuspin Harold, Former Commander of the Army of Pinecrest at Andovir
Jaren McKale

Flipping over the parchment sheet, there is a sloppily scribbled amount of information in smearing charcoal. Obviously the messenger had more cases to deliver, and no time for fine calligraphy or penmanship.

"10 days from tonight, in the northwest corner of the Kings forest. Enter with weapons sheathed, and this ribbon tied to your wrist."

Ten days...
...If you're going, you need to be on the road at dawn.

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