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5 companions separated from their family search to find answers.The year is 1372. Just outside the small city of Tilverton, 5 friends hunt in the woods to supply the upcoming Shieldmeet Celebration. Unknown to the five friends, their town has just suffered an attack of unknown origins. Upon returning to town, backpacks full of food, they find that the entrance to their small towned barred. 50 purple dragons have been stationed nearby to ward off any visitors to the town while a triad of wizards from Waterdeep study the site from a safe distance.
Separated from their friends and family with no word of their wearabouts the five friends find themselves without a home or money the companions set off in search for answers of their home.

Meenwhile, war has been gathering in the hills on the boarder of the Anauroch desert and Cormyr. As midsummer settles over the land, smothering everything in heat and dust, the fierce warriors of the kulkor zhul-- "people of the dragon" in hobgoblin tongue-- gather beneather the dreaded Red Hand Banner. Could the fall of Tilverton be beginning of a goblin invasion, or are these all just smaller pieces of a much more catostrohpic plan.

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