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  • Created Jan 28 '09
  • Last Post May 5 '09 at 3:04pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System D20 Future

Game Description

Ok, so this is my attempt at trying something original. The game will be based on a Timeship called the Maitreya, and the players will be recruits to the last remnant of the Chronocorps, the Rangers. Adventures will be set throughout time, spanning various histories past and future. In this reality, space travel never took. Our science was unable to work out the intricacies of gravitation and as such, deep space travel became to troublesome to pursue, and as such was abandoned. However, it was discovered that time travel was a lot easier to achieve.

Around the 31st century, in the Mother Stream, the Chronocorps was founded. Its mandate was to preserve history, though this became convoluted. It was initially thought that the Spacetime Continuum followed a law of causality, of absolute time. And to change one event in history could change the whole. This was partially correct. Changes in history sent ripples through a timesteam, causing it to change. What wasn't known initially was that these changes caused the stream to alter its path through the Megaflow. It was later discovered that there wasn't one timestream, but many. Incursions and paradoxes could cause timestreams to move about. Much of this was self correcting, streams that drifted could be brought back. Those that became unstable could be merged with other streams, making them stronger.

However, sometimes a stream would drift too far and fray from the Megaflow. That's how the Worms were discovered. Careful Observers were able to watch them devour a timestream. This revelation was tantamount to a Lovecraftian nightmare come true. So the Chronocorps worked to keep the Megaflow from fraying too much. Only they didn't know that there were factions out there, servants of the Worms, that worked tomake this happen, so speed entropy in order to hasten the finality of total oblivion.

The game itself will start at Level 6. Most classes from d20 Modern/Past and Future will be allowed. Classes that won't be used are those pertaining to magic and shadow, as shadow doesn't exist per se. Psionics exist, but the only classes available will be the Telepath and Mesmerist (from d20 Past). Wild Talents will be allowed. Some classes will not work such as the Dimension Ranger and the Mech Jockey. But I'm tempted to allow the Purifier. Abilities would use a 28 point buy.We knew about the Worms, but it was too late...

There used to be four branches to the Chronocorps. Observers were sent to watch periods of history, but not interfere. Time Agents investigated temporal incursions in the time streams and recommended courses of action. Menders worked to correct incursions and paradoxes in order to bring a time stream back in sync with the Megaflow. And the Rangers dealt with situations where more direct action was needed. But the Chronocorps is no more. Things happened so fast, there was no way to stop it. The Mother Stream, home to our history was prey to an incursion. Attacked by servants of the Worms, who they call the Old Ones. The Mother Stream became an alternate history, a frayed thread come loose from the Megaflow. And the Worms did what they do, they devoured it...

We knew about them, those Chthonic entities that exist outside of the Spacetime Continuum. The Observers discovered that they subsist on alternate histories. Not any alternate histories, only those ones which come loose from the Megaflow. They likened it to a deer eating the leaves off of a tree branch. There is nothing that can be done to stop this. We were only able to slow it down. That was the job of the Menders. They sought out the frays, and try to bring the histories back into the Megaflow. But the servant of the Worms try to break this. Their goal is to cause enough chaos to cause the Megaflow to completely unravel, so that all existence might be devoured.

Certainly there are other time travelers in the timestreams. Even other Agencies. But they either don't know about the Worms, or don't want to know. And some of them work against us. Our foes are legion. Humans from other histories. Saurians from an Earth where man never came down from the trees. The sapients from a world where Neanderthals were the dominant hominid species. Even the Greys, who we once thought were aliens but later proved to be our descendants from a far, far future. They all work against us, and we have no allies.

All we have left is the Maitreya, our Time Ship and home, and a handful of Rangers. One ship with one purpose, to keep the Megaflow from unraveling. We are dedicated, but there are so few of us. Our only choice is to search the timestreams, and find recruits to bolster our numbers. We made a decision, which was to recruit the dead. The safest way to pull help from the histories is to find those who have perished, and to take them in their last moments, replacing them with genetic duplicates. We save the dead from their fates. They lose their lives, their homes, their families, everything. They cannot ever go back in order to preserve their timestreams. And in return, those who have nothing left to lose become warriors in a battle for existence itself.

We live to fight. We fight to live. We are the Rangers, the sons and daughters of Maitreya...

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