The Wrath of Count Wesser

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Just a normal game of dungeons and dragons
characters should start at level 10A man sits in a crowed pub with a few drinking buddies sitting around the line of age mark his once chiseled features, he takes a drink from his ale and begins to speak "You won't find it on any map lads, you won't even see it when you get there, but a place exists where the beast still rules, a place where man is the one that is hunted for sport." the rest of the men laugh at the thought of this and throw a few mean words at the man "Those who are brave enough to visit this place are greatly rewarded, or they are killed!" the men quite down "Yes yes, there are great treasures to be had in this place, its where the beasts that have triumphed over great warriors go." a few of the men mutter profanities about his mother being a beast, the man continues however "This place exists in the shar, between two forests, and can only be seen in the last hour before sunset. If you looking for adventure and your fortune, this be where you should look!" most of the men leave the man alone.

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