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The premise of the campaign would center around the world of Neverland maybe anywhere from 30-100 years after the initial Peter Pan story. All the people like Wendy, and the two boys who's names I don't remember or care about would be dead/unreachable. It would be a game that focuses on the fear of entropy and loss prevalent within the human psyche, and man's (of all ages) fear of loss and the inability to sit back and accept entropy.

Using Human and Halflings and only Martial Classes to represent Pirates and the Lost Boys(and Girls), the player group is an ensemble cast set out to find out what is responsible for the changes of Neverland. Players will fight both Pirates, rogue Lost Boys, and vicious natives residing in Neverland, along with a new threat.

Game Rules: The player would pick between two races. Default humans would represent Pirates, for obvious reasons, and Halflings would be used to represent Lost Boys (or Girls). I chose halflings because thematically they seem to fit with the concept of the Lost Boy: Small, Headstrong (+2 Cha, +5 Saving Vs Fear), Fast and Agile (+2 Dex, Acrobatics, & Theivery), and just plane lucky (Nimble Reaction, Second Chance). Both races will be considered immortal, so if you pick Lost Boy, their ages (as in years of life) could range from 6 to 200. Pirates respectively would range more to 25 too 300, or what have you.Neverland in essence is a place for people to escape entropy. To never grow up. To never die. This is what attracts adult and child alike. The Lost boys represent a child's innate desire to hold on to their innocence, to not have to worry, to revel in irresponsibility.

The pirates are just the next stop down the road, having lost the care-free mindset of youth, they look forward down the road with fearful eyes at the end, death, and decide to stay where they're at. Neverland is innocence eternal, just as it is life eternal.

To understand why the Pirates fight the Lost Boys, and vice versa, is to understand that one reminds the other of loss. The lost boys don't want to know that existence into adulthood exists. The pirates don't want to remember what they once had. That is why the two fight, whether they acknowledge this or not.

-From the late 1st Mate Smee

Neverland as we know it has gone through some drastic changes, for causes not known to the players or most of the NPC's. The land has changed, and the non-human natives of Neverland have grown sinister. The forests and the seas are darker, and hold more shadows. The mermaids now drown any they find in their waters. The wood natives have gone feral and hunt and devour any found in their forests.

And now it is up to you, the party, to find out why. Assembled from the best within the ranks of Pirate and Lost Child, it is up to you to find out what has caused this change, and stop it.

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