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Already discussed on GitP forum and players already accepted. (i.e. done recruting)

OOC thread created.

I will create an in Character thread later on. “On calm mornings, when the sea mist is tinted gold from the rising sun it is said that one can hear melodies riding the eastern winds. On misty mornings strange things find their way into port from the Singing Sea: a silver scaled serpent with a mane of ribboned rainbows, a small lush island set on the back of an enormous turtle, a ghost ship with sails white and graceful as a skein of swans but with a hull as swift and black as a murder of crows. On strange ships one can find the most exotic treasures: feathers that burn continuously, gems that pulse as if alive, parchments and books written in strange languages and maps of unknown lands…
It was one of these maps that found its way to the hands of Ernal, a wizard tutor of the Illuminating College, and it sparked his curiosity. With the help of his colleagues and the Travelling Church he is preparing to launch an expedition to the ‘Swirling Islands’ the place depicted on the map. Now he’s going from tavern to tavern, from classroom to classroom, from slave market to slave market and from prison to prison searching for capable individuals. He seeks cartographers and sea folk, literate people that can keep accurate logs and diaries, naturalists to collect specimens and those who can take care of themselves and others in unfavorable situations. He even seeks those who can steal or use brute force to get at what they want.
To those who are free he offers gold and fame, to those who are imprisoned or enslaved; he offers freedom and a new lease on life. Those who are interested soon find out that the ship called the Shining Eye has been manned and stocked and that other preparations are nearing completion. But before they sale from the port of East Watch, the capital of the Eastern Kingdom, they must pass the scrutinizing eyes of Ernal himself. A yellowish parchment he gives you with several questions on it.

“Answer them in any way you deem correct, but please keep them short and clear.” he tells you “If your reasonings I find appropriate I will get back to you. I thank you for your interest in any case…”

The parchment asks the following in a clear, sharp hand:

Cheers and Thanks for reading!


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