Floating on Ice in a Sea of Lightning

Game Description

Many groups have come to accept the Elemental Chaos as their eternal battleground and sometimes refuge. This will be a chronicle of three such power groups. The lackeys of the chained Primordial masters will wander their way across the chaos. The devoted inhabitants of the City of Brass will attempt to impose order upon the madness. Meanwhile, a group of foolish adventurers follow an old dwarf's tale: "If anything and everything exists down there. Why not a mountain of solid gold?!"Lightning flashed across the icy sheet, reflecting twice as strongly and causing even the great blue beast to squint its beady yellow eyes. The reptilian creature licked its lips, breathed in, and let forth another barking cry that sizzled of electricity.

From his spot on the mountain, several miles away, the ice-man only watched, wordlessly. With a wave of a frozen, mailed hand, it appeared as if the armoured warrior had unleashed a storm of terrible majesty on the dragon in the valley. As the sound of pounding hail abated, though, the legions of icy warriors sliding down the slopes became apparent. While half of them fired tiny shards of ice at the great blue serpent, some of them stood up and broke into a run, holding large, icy hammers high above their head.

The battle was horrible and awe-inspiring. The lone dragon held its own, battered as it was by hail storms and hammers. Each swipe of it's great blue claw, snap of its deadly jaws, or slam of its tail against the icy sheet took down another handful of tiny ice soldiers. No matter how many the great beast killed, though, the ongoing storm of bodies was relentless, seeming to well up from the very ice itself.

The young man, standing on the hill beside the icy general asked a simple question. "Why?"

"Why not?" an ethereal voice boomed through the young man's soul as the mouthless warrior leapt down the slope to join his companions.

* * * * *

The great brass spires gleamed in the glow of the lava flows as a red-skinned young man rushed through the streets. Derrius knew that his time was running short. Lord Flusein would have his head if the task were not completed in time. "Must hurry," the fiery young man muttered to himself.

Turning a corner, the frail young efreet was met by an imposing sight. A legion of fire elementals and demons blocked off the street, marching methodically toward the gates. In the distance, Derrius could hear the thrumming gong that signalled the call to arms.

"I'm already too late!" the young genie shouted. A single barbed demon looked his way and laughed. The boy dashed into the street, weaving his way through the regimented lines of the marching order and coming out the other side unscathed.

"BOY!" rang through the young efreet's ears. "Look what you've done to my column!!"

Afraid to face the owner of the voice directly, Derrius turned toward the column of elementals and demons he had just passed through. The neat, orderly rows were in an uproar, elementals and demons were at each other's throats, trying to burn each other ineffectually.

"BOY! Come. Now, you must learn what is in your future. Do you know how hard it is to organize this rabble?!" the voice boomed.

Derrius began to argue, "But Master Flusein--"

"Has bigger problems. Come with me," the heavy voice rattled into Derrius' skull as the great hulking warrior that he recognized to be his father dragged the boy back into the lines to restore order to the march.

* * * * *

The ship's deck would need more than a little mopping after this little trip was done. The great masts held up full sails, but still the ship ran slowly through the slop and mud that passed for an ocean in this neck of the planes.

"Get the lead out, people. We need to make landfall in two days, but at this rate it'll take two weeks!" a voice echoed across the deck.

The young man looked at the mop in his hand and shrugged. Mud had been flowing over the bow for days. The sandbags were keeping it out of the hold. Keeping the great brownish mass off the deck was about as useful a job as keeping water out of the ocean.

Staring off into the brown sea surrounding them, the young boy thought back to his days on the sea and missed them. On the sea, there were storms, and there were dangers, but you never had to worry about a mountain falling on your head or dying in a landslide while you were swabbing the deck.

The shout came again. "Gwenned!" it called. "Put that mop away and go wake up Salizard. We need to clear another path."

The boy dashed over the sandbags and flew into the hold. He loved hearing Salizard's stories, but no matter when Gwenned asked, the captain always said there was lots of time for stories later, now, there was work to be done. Maybe, if the boy was lucky, he'd get to hear a story on the way back to the deck with the wizard.

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