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An introductory scenario designed to introduce you to the world of the CHILL horror role-playing game by Pacesetter Limited of Wisconsin. I will be using the 1st edition set of CHILL rules circa 1984. You do not need to know anything about this game in order to apply to play, all you need is a love of Horror RPG’s and the time to post and learn a new system. Characters for this first Adventure will be pre-rolled in order for you to concentrate on learning the mechanics of the game. To apply go to the board and look over the Cast of Characters. Find one you think you might like to play Then place an in character post in the

this will also be found on the game board.
application thread as the PC you have
using his or brief background and the introduction information you read in the advert thread. I will be selecting the best five players, your application posts will also double as your first post to the game. Get with me during this process and we can hash out some behind the scene details.
chosen. Once this scenario is finished if the players still want to continue with the game then they can either roll up new characters or keep the experienced ones they have.It was only two days ago that you were contacted by Dr. Ellsworth Smythe III, One of
A secret organization dedicated to protecting the world from horrible, evil creatures this secret organization is named “ Socieats Albae Viae Eternitata. ” which is Latin for “ The Eternal Society of the White Way ”. The society is usually just called “ S.A.V.E .”(The abbreviation of its Latin name), or sometimes simply the “the society. ” All members of S.A.V.E. share one great secret: many of the things the civilized world regards as mere myths or legends, such as vampires, ghosts, and ghouls really exist. These creatures dwell in another dimension or world, which S.A.V.E. calls “the Unknown. The mission of S.A.V.E. is to learn all it can about the Unknown, and stop the creatures from the Unknown when they enter the every-day world of normal people and begin using their horrible powers! In short the “ White Way ” of S.A.V.E stands against the darkness of the creatures “”Evil Way” .
S.A.V.E.’s most distinguished envoys in the New England area. Dr Smythe, a professor of Anthropology and Archaeology at Severn College in Massachusetts, asked for you help in investigating the recent strange happenings at Warwick House, an old Colonial dwelling nestled among the lecture halls and libraries on the Severn College Campus.

As good members of S.A.V.E., you eagerly answered the professor’s call. Little did you know t hat your eagerness would lead you into the situation you now face! It is a chill March night. Moon-light bathes the streets in the quiet college town of Severn, but from time to time the precious light is blocked by stringy grey clouds drifting across the cold, dark sky. Before you stand the house: a wooden mystery where death dwells in a hundred horrid forms.

As you stand before the bare wooden door, each of you thinks again of the history of this house. Dr. Smythe told you all about it as you planned this late night call. ” Warwick House was built 241 years ago in 1768 by John Warwick., Along with his wife, Sarah. Warwick met one of the most unusual deaths of any person during the American Revolution. John and Sara Warwick were hanged by the angry townspeople of Severn, strong supporters of the Colonial cause, with aid of British troops. Remarkably, both sides in the bitter conflict belived the couple deserved death! It seems his fellow villagers considered John Warwick an evil man. Several diaries surviving from the time mention his rudeness and cruelty. Warwick returned the hatred of the townspeople, and on the seventh day of July in the year 1777, he found a chance to strike back at his neighbors

Pretending to be a loyal British subject, Warwick approached Captain Henry Wells, the British commander in the Severn area. He told Wells that the men of Severn who were loyal to the rebellion would meet that evening in the town hall to hand out muskets, ammunition, and war supplies. Wells acted quickly on the information and set an ambush for the Colonials. The British closed in on the town hall building that night, their muskets blazing. When the smoke cleared, they found they had fired upon a simple town meeting, attended by not only men but women and children as well. Captain Wells was sickened, outraged, and determined to see justice done to Warwick.

Wells seized the town and made a fiery speech, explaining Warwick’s crime. He then turned Warwick and his wife over to the townspeople, Justice was quick and swift, at the ends of two ropes. Warwick House remained abandoned until 1784. In that year, the Village of Severn donated the Warwick property to the newly founded Severn College.

Since then the college has tried five times to tear down the house. Each attempt has failed due to a mysterious death. Two weeks ago, the current Board of Directors of Severn College ordered the house destroyed to make room for a small parking lot. A reputable local contracting company was hired to tear down the house, but quit the job when two works were killed in mysterious accidents while setting up equipment around the property.This recent incident has revived the 200+ year old story that the ghosts of John and Sarah Warwick haunt Warwick House. The people of Severn do not joke about their town’s “haunted house.” Some even claim to have seen lights in the abandoned house from time to time, and shadows gliding silently across the bare wood walls. No one in living memory has entered the house. not until tonight. You must investigate Warwick House, find the cause of the strange disturbances, and if necessary, destroy that cause Dr. Smythe has learned from the S.A.V.E. data base that many common
if indeed the house is haunted
ghosts are strongly associated with some particular place or thing that held deep meaning for them in life. Destruction of that place or thing often destroys or drives away the ghost. You stand on the threshold of the Unknown. The ghastly house awaits you It stands three stories tall, its smokeless chimney rising from the center of the roof into the cloudy moonlit sky.

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