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Faerūn, the Dalelands. Times are never simply good or bad in this tumultuous region, but always a mixture of the two. Fortunes vary wildly from Dale to Dale, and from year to year. In this, the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 Dalereckoning, times are not good in the Eastern Dales. The cooler winds of the Fading have brought not calmness but savagery: goblin tribes and worse openly raid the smaller settlements, bandits attack without fear of retribution, and even the animals of the countryside and forests have seemed more vicious in recent days.

There can be little doubt that a malicious intent lies behind the string of recent attacks that have been plaguing the simple folk of the Eastern Dalelands for the past three tendays. The motives for the attacks remain unknown (despite vigourous speculation), but it is beyond doubt at this point that there is a purpose to this madness. This is no mere coincidence.

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