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This will be a AD&D second edtition Game ran by Exicor. All PC's will start out at second level
max hit points for 2nd level
starting gold will be what ever it is for your class +100 gp
& one potion of your choice
Roll 4d6 drop the lowest roll and reroll any ones. use this tag 4d6v1r1 for each of your six abilities.

Allowed Books

Players Handbook

The Complete series

Book of Dwarves

Book of Elves

Book of Gnomes and Halflings

Fighter’s Handbook

Ranger’s Handbook

Paladin’s Handbook

Wizard’s Handbook

Priest’s Handbook

Druid’s Handbook

Thief’s Handbook

Bard’s Handbook

Psionics Handbook

The Complete Book of Necromancers

Tome of Magic

Sages and Specialists

Arms and Equipment Guide

None of the Option books are allowed

Players Option

Skills and Powers

Combat and Tactics

Spells and Magic

Godsday 4th of Flocktime 570CY
(Low summer/spring)

75 years ago Iuz the old marched his armies out of his domain with the intend of conquering the free peoples of Oerik in but a few swift months the Demigod had succeeded in doubling his holdings. Not only did the “Old One” have orcs, goblins, and all manner of other goblin kin pressed into his service but also men and women of an evil nature. From the depths of the abyss and the nine hells, Iuz recruited powerful demons to lead his armies. The freemen made an alliance with the elves who in turn made the offer of alliance with the dwarves who reached out to the Gnomes finally they asked the Halflings and together the races of Oerik banded together and stood against The Iuz the Old.

For ten years, the battle raged on neither side gaining much more of an advantage over the other, then in Goodmonth 505 C.Y. Zagig Yragerne. The then Lord Mayor of the City of Greyhawk constructed a mighty device and with it, he destroyed “The Old One”. Wich destroyed his magical Rod of state in the process. It was broken into seven parts and over time scattered through out the Flanaess, after this Zagig disappears and is never herd from again. Castle Greyhawk fell into ruin men of women of many different races came to the castle ruins to plunder Zagig’s riches The Lord Mayor and wizard had not simply left his greatest treasures for any to stumble upon he placed within the bowels of his castle many levels filled with tricks, traps and other unnatural things to guard his belongings. Creatures from the under-dark found their way into the dungeons beneath Castle Greyhawk and took up residence there. Providing yet another obstacle for adventures seeking the riches of Zagig Yragerne.

Few weeks ago a long forgotten tunnel from Castle Greyhawk to the Free City was discovered, and in the process destroyed, trapping a young private on the other side. This boy was the son of Captain Talon Wyvernclaw commandant of the Free city Watch. You have been contacted by the Captain to undertake this rescue mission, some of you are former members of the Tunnel Rats patrol who have left the service of the city watch for other things none of the former members hold any warm feelings for the Captain or his request.

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