Hybrids of Steel - Champions of the Diamond Veil

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  • Created Feb 28 '09
  • Last Post Feb 21 '10 at 12:31am
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Game Description

The Diamond Veil is an ancient organization bent on protecting the mortal's world from threats, and maintaning peace throughout the land. It submits to no kingdom or empire, but rather transcends these concepts, working it's protection on all lands, for all people and all races equally. The Veil is comprised of many different people with many different beliefs and personalities, but all gather for the same objective; protecting the peace and stability of the known world. The Veil's headquarters are located in the Valley of a Thousand Souls, an energy-filled region in the middle of the continent of Astraea.

The Veil works under the direction of the Diamond Counsil, a group of 21 wise men and women who debate on the Veil's actions and precepts. The Head Counsilor is an old and powerful fey elf wizard by the name of Yuuzan Vogg. The Counsil's spokesman, Max Ironblade, was once a great general of the Veil, but retired as he reached old age. He still remains a wise and cunning tactician, though.

The Veil recently organized an elite force to deal with the most dangerous problems; this force is called the Hybrids of Steel, because of their inborn powerful nature and extensive training since young ages. These men and women are the strongest and most capable of all the land, but they are still inexperienced and much of their power lies dormant.

This is where the players jump in."Welcome, Champions, to the Hall of Valour. Your training has been hard on you, but the time has come at last of it's closure. In these halls you will find the relics and treasures of the past generations, and you will be able to meet our current generation of warriors. Be proud, because you are the best of the best, but also be humble, because you are still inexperienced compared to the older members. We of the Counsil sincerely hope that you enjoy your time here, for your time spent on missions will be rough, and hard. Always remember, though, that you are the best, and we always work to protect this frail world we call home. Farewell, Champions; the next time we meet will be for the briefing on your first mission."
-Grand Lord Max Ironblade, Spokesman to the Diamond Counsil

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