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The Liao Dynasty and the Yuan Dynasty have forged an alliance between them to conquer all of China. The Song dynasty is in danger, with its allies at war.

What of the three in the west? The western Xia, Miao, and Tubo dynasties, nothing has been heard on that front either.

Pugilists of all other races and religions are coming out to assist in their beliefs, their countries, homelands. Others are hired out as assassins. Their previous relations already strained from the previous battles against the Cult of the Sun and Moon, who was victorious.

The adventurers are gathered under one sect, for their own survival perhaps, or for their beliefs?Three Blades, this mission is a rather easy one, should we just send the younger ones to do it? Asked an older man to a middle aged man.

...Mmm... The man, Three Blades, stroked his goatee. I think it would be good for the younger ones to experience the world now. They will have to face it someday, the truth of everything, might as well be now, when times are still safe....

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