Evolving Civilisations

Game Description

This is a game where each player will play a species or civilisation growing, developing and evolving over the course of time. You start with a species which has developed to the Iron Age and resides with other species on a continent. The world is open to you to do whatever you want.

Basically, you roleplay the progress and development or evolution of your species/civilisation. I will mostly take on an over-seeing role, only unleashing a few random events occasionally on the world. I will be there to make sure the rules are followed and will be there to oversee combat, but otherwise the roleplaying is up to you.

New species/civilisations will be accepted continuously, though they must meet a certain level of quality before being accepted. The better you describe your species/civilisation, the better.
At the start of the game, everybody will start at a particular continent. Newcomers after the start will start out at other continents or even other planets later in the game.Out there, somewhere, there may be a small place in space where evolution has decided that things could be done faster.

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