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Setting: An undisclosed large, urban city in the south western United States. Im going to leave it as an imaginary city so we can be more freeform with the story and maybe have bad things happen to this city . The land is dry and dusty and the city is framed by desert on all sides. The city itself is close to a major highway which keeps it connected to the outside world and allows the city to grow despite being surrounded by wasteland.

As a large city this has business districts (characterized by looming skyscrapers which light up the cityscape), residential areas and suburbs that lie just outside the city center but remain protected from the harsh desert by artificial means. The city center proper is home to various night life attractions, there are ritzy cafes and rave halls alike.

Just outside of the central, thriving city lie the lower income housing areas where the crime rate takes a dramatic spike, drugs become more common and the buildings become more run down. Garbage and graffiti litters the streets and prostitutes who have seen better days run the corners.

Style: Rules light and story oriented. Id prefer to keep the logistics to a minimum in favour of the plot and character development, rolling wont be very intense. The nature of this storyline is going to be a bit darker with some more mature themes. Im going to keep the board rules of course and keep it tasteful but if this isnt your kind of thing, this is not the campaign for you.Isabella leaned against the crumbling window sill and listened to the sounds of the city below. Drunken hoots and hollers from revellers echoed from somewhere within the heart of the city. Shifting shapes walked along the dirty streets below the window, they seemed to move in slow motion with shuffling steps. She could hear someone rustling through garbage cans.

The breeze that blew through the window felt hot and the air in the room felt heavy. There always seemed to be a slight smell of dust in this city and she paused a moment to marvel how such an exquisite example of human decay had managed to pull itself from the depths of the desert.

She felt his eyes on the back of her head but paid him no heed. She continued to gaze out the window.

Its a lovely city really, torn to pieces by the Camarilla and Anarchsa city ready to fall.

Her companion made no comment but slinked out of the room silently. She continued to gaze out over the sea of lights. For now she could only wait and see what was brought to her.

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