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SettingSix month ago the central peak of the Black Mountains split with a crack that was heard across the entire continent. A mostly stable peace that had held for almost a century was briefly shattered as civilisations blamed each other for causing this event and the terrible atrocities that followed. But the councils, kings and various other leaders have come to the realisation that none of them were being spared the attacks and incursions from the various dark, alien and previously unknown creatures that now plague all their lands. All creatures seem to originate from what is now known as the Broken Mountain.

Armies were gathered but met heavy magical opposition and physical force in the badlands that now surround the mountain. Thunderstorms sprung up, swamps appeared overnight and entire divisions were swallowed by chasms that opened in what were once fair plains. Then hordes of the creatures swept out of hiding and slaughtered the survivors.

Finally the authorities turned to the adventurers that had been tentatively exploring the outskirts and promised great wealth, fame, titles and land to those that could seek to the centre of this mountain and find and destroy the source. From across the lands adventurers gathered in border cities and formed small bands to venture into the badlands. Some bands made it to the broken mountain and found walls of a strange partly transparent slightly luminescent rock with numerous caves leading in.

You are a member of one of those bands.

PremiseA quick setting for what is essentially a series of dungeon delves. Many of the creatures the party will face will be new, though probably almost always just a re-flavouring of creatures from official sourcebooks. All creatures will have types and, though knowledge skills wont represent known information, the correct skill will provide the occasional clue to behaviour.

Goals are simple; survive and defeat the three encounters of the delve. There will be a short rest between each encounter but no extended rests during the delve. Any character or party that chooses to flee will not be seen again. If you so choose you can believe they made it to safety and retired to a happy life.

Delves will be all my creation but based on the experience point totals used in the official dungeon delve supplement. I'll set the scenario and try and make sure it's beatable, but there will be no pulling the punches but also no cheating, I'll try to make sure creatures act logically but I won't explain the logic or strategies I will be using for each creature.

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