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What do you do, when you've been chosen to choose who will survive the end of the world? How can you remain a champion of good, when you only have so much time?

This game will explore those concepts, while introducing the players to an Artifact known as the Tome of Renewal. Based loosely around the upcoming DS game, Avalon Code, the Tome allows you to record information about whatever it touches, and stores the essence essentially, allowing you to save whoever and whatever you want for when the world ends. In addition, you have the ability to manipulate it's inner persona. In game play terms, you'll be able to manipulate aspects of allies, and hinder your enemies.The World is Fated to Die. Rebuild it.

The Higher Powers of the World have chosen you to record to rebuild the world by recording all that should be saved into your Tome of Renewal. With this power in your Grasp, you have the potential to lead your people into a new golden world, or into hell. Your actions will decide.

However, not everyone wants you to save the world...

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