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Welcome to Peruhainís Blackmoor campaign! We will be playing in the Greyhawk campaign setting, using a mixture of published and homebrew materials. Play will begin with 1st-level characters native to (or residing in) Dearthkettle, an isolated barony in the frigid land of Blackmoor. This will be a 3.5 edition campaign, focused on core rules but with some supplementary material permitted at the DMís discretion and a few house rule variants as well. I aim to capture a bit of classic Gygaxian Greyhawk flavor in this campaign, and it will feature a number of iconic Greyhawk locations and NPCs, as well as some themes that were common in the adventures Gary Gygax created for the Greyhawk campaign world.

At this time, I only have room for players in my previous MW campaign (Red Hand of Doom), and to a few loyal readers of that campaign who have been waiting for spots in this one, so application is by invitation only.

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