Lost and Found - Changeling: The Lost

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  • Created Mar 21 '09
  • Last Post Jul 7 '09 at 1:58pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System World of Darkness

Game Description

Kingdom of the Native Heart

The freehold that holds sway over the greater Oklahoma City area is called the Kingdom of the Native Heart or just the Kingdom for short. It has a sister freehold in the Iron Bastion in Tulsa and a well traveled trod, the Emerald Way that connects the two. Being at the center of things the region is a hotbed of fae activity with an active and vibrant changeling population.

The seasonal courts hold sway in the Sister Cities, and the transition of powers is always respected ever since the time of their founding by the Ghost of the Plains, an urban legend among the fae in the region a mythical founder who set down the traditions and rules that governs the twin freeholds.

Between the two freeholds some 200 to 250 lost call this region home, most support their respective courts but others have their own paths and some of those paths are dark indeed. The lost are not the only supernatural creatures that roam the streets of the Sister Cities but they are definitely the focus of this dark urban fairy tale.

Lost and Found

You were taken, your Keeper saw fit to trick, abduct, seduceÖ whatever method it chose you were taken to the land of the True Fae, to Arcadia. You suffered in a brutal paradise of shifting perspectives and desires. It was ecstasy and it was pain; you probably could have stayed forever there but something brought you back. Something called you back home. But even though you found a way to return home, it was not what you remembered. Life went on without you and someone else that is but isnít you is living your life now. Perhaps they are living it better then you, perhaps worse, but the point stands your old life is not your own.

Clarity and Madness

Even the best of the lost are still damaged. Something was lost in Arcadia, some bits were lost in the Hedge; what returned from Arcadia is not the same person that left. You are one of the lost now and you have to cling to this reality because your perceptions are warped by madness the wyrd that now molds and shapes you. Perhaps your greatest fear is that you become the very thing you escaped from, or perhaps you simply donít want to become a mad gibbering wreck wandering the streets in a half-dream. Your perception is skewed, warped, and not always to be trusted. Is the mask real or is the mien the truth of your soul? Is that creature you spy in the dark recesses of the cave the truth or just your fears playing to make it real. Does the distinction even matter?

Urban Fairy Tales

The world is more wondrous and strange then most realize. The magic of the wyrd is everywhere and now that you have tasted it, touched, and experienced itÖ you canít let go. You are now apart of a darker and all the more beautiful world where the creatures you were told donít exist do, where the monster under your bed was really waiting for you. What other wonders are there in the world? What mysteries are waiting for you around that corner or behind that closed door? The mundane is magical. The magical is mundane.

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