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Life isn't easy in Highpoint. For the last hundred years the plateau continent has been bombarded with "lunar rain," a daily deluge that sends fragments of the moon falling to earth. Initially this drove the people of Highpoint underground, for the earth itself was the only thing that could endure the rains. Though the rains have gradually slacked off since, to the point at which they're only sometimes deadly, the strange lunar creatures which descend with the rains have retained their full lethality.

Despite this, the people of Highpoint have begun to reclaim the surface. They have done so with the power of technology. Great mechs stride across the landscape, sheltering those who live within them from the rains and protecting them from lunar dragons and other threats. These mechs range from one-man fighting machines up to the great city-mechs which shelter populations in the thousands.

In times such as these one does what one must to survive, up to and including, well, robbery. Unfortunately for you, some people don't understand the necessity of crime. Some people arrest bandits. Some people imprison them. And that's how you ended up in a cramped holding cell somewhere in the torso of Thuron, a city-mech of the Stenian Confederacy, with an armed dwarf standing guard outside your door.

The scuttlebutt among the guards seems to be that Thuron is suffering from a food shortage, and, well, prisoners aren't exactly a high priority. Though you were fed something every day until today, the portions have been shrinking steadily, and there's talk among the prisoners that if things get bad enough, well... I've heard if you cut a man into stew meat you can't really tell where it came from.

Now would be a good time to be anywhere else, assuming you value your life. Why don't you try doing something about that? Getting somewhere else?

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