Destiny - End of Magic

Game Description

The Kingdoms of Trute, Savir, Joseo, and Underpath have for years been close and strong. Together they have made the darker races flee their lands. One week ago they have untied as one country... Destiny. Ruled by 4 kings, human, Dwarf, Goliath and Goblin. Today however the worse has happen. The practice of Arcane magic has been banned. Only elite forces of Destiny may wield magic. Others must submit to a ritual binding their magic forever. Today magic is lost. I only hope my wish for tomorrow will flourish.

Magus Keth darkslayer

A manuscript found 3 month after the country was formed. The hunt of the arcane was swift and brutal. You refused to submit your powers. You have found each other. You have been brought here by the last of Keth's magic.

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