The War for Humanity

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  • Created Apr 5 '09
  • Last Post May 9 '11 at 8:20am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Dark Heresy

Game Description

This is a Dark Heresy game. Instead of the shadowy Acolyte theme. We'll be exploring using this system in a War setting. Based on the number of players, I will split them into squads. Those squads will go on seperate mission in seperate areas. Missions can range from Sabotage, Recon, and Assassinations (of course there will be others). I also might make it continually recruiting.

In the 41st millenium, THERE IS ONLY WAR!!

Under construction...

The 247th. The finest Division in the Calixian Infantry. From the Corpse-Strewn plains of Iocanthos, to the Black Holds of the Night Slaughter, the 247th has always risen to the occasion. Now the 247th faces it's most difficult task yet, Ryliphi IV.

++++File Found++++
++++Play Audio Recording, Cargo Hold 009. Hellstorm++++
*Shouting and chatter is heard in the recording, then a whistle sounds, silence.*

"Listen up lads, becasue I don't repeat myself. Ryliphi IV is a snowball. It's a desert of cold. We don't know what the hell we'll be fighting yet, but expect it to be the hardest war the Empire has waged in this Sector since Tranch. From the little info we have about this frozen rock, the enemy has gone underground. Literally. There are little to no buildings. Anywhere. The only thing we could find were some ruins in one of the Northern polar regions. That's probably where we'll drop the first wave, the meatshie-- I mean, the "Advanced Recon" team." The Ship's proximity alarms begin flaring. "Dress Warm Lads! It's time to go!"

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