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  • Created Apr 8 '09
  • Last Post Oct 29 '09 at 4:27pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Star Wars

Game Description

NOTE: This is a Star Wars D6 game. Familiarity with the D6 system is *NOT* necessary, though the system is very, very simple and I expect that players will pick it up quickly.

It is two years before the Destruction of Alderaan and the first Death Star. The Rebel Alliance is still in the fledgling stages--For the most part, it is little more than a collection of scattered resistance cells, each with its own agenda, its own tactics.
The Empire on the other hand, is at the height of its power. Anything more than token resistance from a star system is met with a brutal response by the Imperial Navy.
But the Emperor has concerns. He knows that public opinion has begun to swing away from him and while he still holds on to the principles of the Tarkin Doctrine, (Rule through Fear of Force, rather than Force itself) the master puppeteer understand that if he can bring popular opinion back on his side, his military forces can be devoted to other things such as anti-piracy, expanding Imperial influence, and the squelching of rebellion.
To that end the Emperor has launched a new propaganda tool. A rising young star, the child of an Imperial Moff becomes an overnight sensation across a thousand worlds singing the praises of the the Empire. Now flush with success this new star (and the star's entourage) travel from world to world, helping to influence the masses and sway the masses back in the Emperor's favor.

Ok. That's the setup. Here's the crunch:
I'm looking for 5-8 players. (5 is the minimum) 5 of the characters will be partially GM generated (including background) but will require a great deal of input from the players of the Characters in the build (and customization, I'm not trying to put anyone in a corner, but the setup requires some background be prespecified)
Here are the Required roles:

**The Pop Star -- Think the equivalent of Michael Jackson or Britney Spears. Child of an Imperial Moff. The face of The Empire's Propaganda machine. Seeking to find a missing sibling (Restrictions: Must be Human, Gender: none
***The Bodyguard -- lover/spouse of The Technician, Hired to protect the Pop Star, In a relationship with the Technician (Restrictions: Species: None, but should be from a warrior group, Echani, Mystral, Mandalorian etc. Gender: Must be opposite the Technician)
***The Technician -- Bodyguard's lover/spouse In charge of the 'technical' aspects of the production for concerts (Restrictions: Species: None, Gender: Must be opposite of the Bodyguard)
*The Pilot -- Every group needs one (Restrictions: Species:None, Gender: none)
*The Manager -- Someone has to keep the publicity in line and do damage control (Restrictions: Species: None, Gender:None)
Other Potential Roles:
The Band
Additional Crew
Political Officer

The characters who are starred would have more restrictions on them in terms of background simply due to story requirements. The more Stars, the more restrictions, but also the more tightly wound into the plot they are. (i.e.. 1 star= a few details must be in the character background 2 stars=more details required, 3 stars=large parts of the character's back-story are required OR you may find out details about your characters back-story later in the plot.

I'm going to add that EACH player has something to hide. Each player has a secret (in some cases that secret is a secret to the character them self) No one is exactly what they seem to be. The players will, in many cases, have divergent goals. (but strong reasons NOT to be at each others throats)

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