Rising From the Ashes

Game Description


Rising from the Ashes

Scene One : The Inquisition

It has been 10 years since Order 66 and the Great Jedi Purge had begun, the Imperial Inquisition has successfully hunted down many Jedi in the years that followed the Emperors Order. Bounty's are still being offered for information and the capture of Jedi throughout the Galaxy.

The Emperors grip extends to the Outer Regions as the Empire begins to recruit non clones to be trained as Stormtroopers. The Imperial Navy is everywhere with Imperial Class Star Destroyers taking an active involvement in policing the various trade routes across the Galaxy.

In these troubled times, a new order is emerging which brings new hope…

A few surviving Jedi are being sought by an ancient Jedi Master and historian who has recently come out of retirement, seeking to share his ancient knowledge to bring Light to the Darkness that envelops the Galaxy. Can a handful of Jedi bring change to a Galaxy shrouded in the Dark Side of the Force, or will they succumb to the Imperial Inquisition…

Game Setting Rise of the Empire Era Stardate 9BBY

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