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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

The galaxy has been plunged into a conflict the likes of which has not been seen since the days of the Jedi Civil War. Following the Republic's victory at the battle of Geonosis the Separatist forces regroup to launch new offensives against the Republic. The Grand Army, while severely outnumbered, sees its share of victories through superior strategies and the training of its clone forces. Determined to reverse this trend Count Dooku recruits the Kaleesh cyborg, Grievous, to command the Separatist forces. General Grievous wastes no time in reorganizing the Separatist forces and begins a successful set of offensive strategies against the Republic.

As the Grand Army of the Republic faces stiffer resistance than originally expected the Republic Senate has extended emergency powers to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Moving swiftly to organize the Republic's war effort the Supreme Chancellor has formed the Republic High Command to coordinate both military and civilian agencies, including that of the Judicial Department. As a result the Jedi have been moved from their position as peacekeepers to that of generals in command of the Republic's forces.

On board the Venator-class Star Destroyer, Steadfast, General Islan Garvik is organizing his fleet for departure to the Rim. A Jedi Master with a keen intellect, the general has gathered a staff of sentient beings to supplement the clone troopers that comprise the bulk of the Grand Army. It is through the loyal action of these sentients, and their allies, that the Repulic depends.

As the opening months grind into the pitched battles of the Clone Wars, Jedi not normally associated with combat are put in command of Republic battle groups. It is under one such Jedi Archivist, Master Islan Garvik, that the characters find themselves serving. The characters are to comprise a special staff that will work to implement Master Garvik's stratagies.

The game will be centered upon the war but will not be entirely combat oriented as negotiation and infiltration are legitamate and necessary tactics to strengthening the Republic's military position. While the first few adventures have already been tentatively prepared and a campaign is outlined, the driving force for many adventures will be the characters themselves. This will be developed through character concepts, backgrounds and roleplay. It should also be noted that as characters mature they will likely be given the opportunity to command clone troops in battle.

All character concepts should be
This does not need to extend to the Supreme Chancellor, the current Senate or even the Republic as an institution. A character may have contrary views on what the Republic should be but should see the Republic as superior in basis to the Confederacy of Independent Systems.
loyal to the Republic and should detail how the character became involved with Master Islan or why they warranted promotion to his staff.

Who am I?
I have been running and playing rpgs for over fifteen years and have been a quietly active member here on MW for roughly two of those. I currently run an Iron Kingdoms (D&D 3.5) game that has been active, all be it slowly, for over the last year. I credit my players for this feat and I know that they appreciate the fact that I try to keep them informed of situations that might prevent my posting to the in-game thread.

It should be noted that I have current issues in real life that prevent me from posting to the extent that I would like. These issues may eventually require a hiatus while I resolve career/housing issues. I would like to reassure any prospective players that I have carefully evaluated my time and current situation and that I am resolved to keep this game running. All of that said, while I consider a daily post rate a laudable and desired goal a less stringent post rate is significantly more likely for the time being. Players should expect approximately 3 to 4 in-game posts a week, depending upon player interaction/participation, and I would ask the same of any prospective players.

I am an "equal opportunity" GM and welcome new members to my games. While members who are a known quantity will receive preferred consideration I have not specifically invited any members to this game and I believe that at least one new member should be added to any game, provided acceptable concepts are submitted.

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