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Pitiless and unyielding; the blazing orb of Sange glares menacingly over the top of Anger's Bluff onto the small outpost of Riddance. For the denizens here it is apparent that this world is dying; the horizon itself is an open wound: mercilessly spewing the life blood of the earth into the sky. And out west; the desert wind rushes the stench of death past the stockades: a constant remainder of the grim nature of survival of the fittest. Living on the very fringe of Dawn was difficult, sometimes impossible, only thanks to the shade provided by Bluff and the discovery of a small aquifer, the barebones Rhanian outpost survives. Sparsely populated, only the hardiest and unluckiest find themselves stationed out here.

But it is all going to change.

Starfall on Riddance! The cries rang out across the Verge as an exodus of foolhardy prospectors rushed out to claim their fortunes. Now this small speck on the edge of the map shall be descended upon by a plethora of varied characters looking for their cut.

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