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Halos is a war-thorn land, drowned in many perils and dangers, where few empires succeed in surviving the onslaught of the savage monsters that roam the contryside, or the barbaric nomad tribes of vile creatures that wander through the earth, or the dark horros from beyond the grave that haunt the villages at night. Halos is a place where heroes shine, but as soon as they grow in power they fall, met by a darkness greater than them; Halos is a place where glory can be easily found and lost, as well as wealth; Halos is a place where even the most common of peasants is always weary of his welfare, aways alert to the dangers of the land.

The Gods and Goddesses of Halos intervene directly on the mortal's affairs, each trying to further their own agendas. Divine agents like angels, archons and exarchs roam the lands, helping the weak or opressing them, depending on their patron god. Diabolical influences taint the land, corrupting the ones who seek easy power as the devils try to further their agendas as well. Demonic creatures are often summoned, accidentaly or not, and lay waste to the land together with the natural, or not so natural, aberrations and monsters.

Bards and minstrels sing the prowness of heroes long forgotten, or heroes yet to come. Empires rise and fall during the night, and the stars themselves realign periodically, mimicking the chaotic state of things in the mortal realm. The future is uncertain for anyone in this broken land, however there is still a place for happyness and joy in it. The few long-lasting empires and cities of old hold powerful and durable walls to protect citizens from the many threats of the world, and so life goes on and on.

But, for how long ?

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