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  • Created Apr 21 '09
  • Last Post Aug 11 '09 at 10:57am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

Wind and Water is a joint, creative endeavor taking place in a cooperatively structured world. It is a complete interactive writing experience, each involved author contributing independently to plot, story, and world development rather than focusing on the linear play of reactionary writing at a single person's direction. Important events, places, and NPCs are all created and controlled as a group; each author can dip their hand in the collective plot of story engineering as frequently, or as sparingly, to their taste. The result is an intriguing, unlimited canvas where characters and imagination come to thrive.

~ Story Synopsis ~

Kheyre, the isle nation of snow white shores and crystal topped mountains, is no longer. It is now divided into two countries, one devastated, one blooming - the result of a a brewing revolution between a once docile race and the beings which governed them. Now that the khieran have freed themselves, they have begun planting their ascendency and their future upon their victory soil, now christened as Iylos Kheyre so they will never forget their history. On this new dawn, on these new coasts, an assembly is formed. A new envoy of peace and diplomacy is forged. Together, these selected men and women will become the bridges that unite Iylos Kheyre with the rest of the world.

Thus, the character(s) you will play begin their journey on a vessel, whether they be important officials, the guards of those officials, a crew member or guest on the ship, or whatever else you may deign. Where they go, what happens to them, what tale spins out around them, will be completely our collective fabrication. It is all up to you.

~ Main Characters Thus Far ~

Vehne - A half breed of two warring races, Vehne has always felt biologically displaced. Unaccepted by humans, he is taken in by the khieran and befriended by the one man fated to free his people and forge a new nation. It is on this new soil that the war within him intensifies, prompting rejection by the Earth Mother and evolving him into a plague which must be exorcised. The khieran are forced to banish him - but under a clever, diplomatic disguise. He is to become the very first ambassador of the new Iylos Kheyre. His mission, other than quickly removing himself from the isle, is to carry a hastily assembled team across the world's continents and establish trade and relations - without getting any of them killed, especially his six year old son, who travels with him.

Qaeolyn - Beautiful as a marble statue, Qaeolyn has a link to the stones and minerals of the earth, able to erect defensive barriers of rock or staunch blood loss by petrification. The granddaughter of only three khieren ancestors, Qaeloyn is also of two worlds, though she doesn't yet know it. Her journey of self-discovery is as occult as the seabond dormant in her blood or the Deepling race which birthed it. Now, she finds herself indentured to the khieran Elite, her Delphyn ability to confound their battlesense making her as much an experiment to the seasoned warriors as a burden, and a focus of resentment either way. Only on the sea, a personal hell for the hydrophobic knife-mage, will she be able to truly find herself.

Jaris - Like a gnarled tree in an otherwise orderly garden, one that's lasted far too long to simply uproot, Jaris Hellsmith has been appointed to establish diplomatic relations with the newly formed Iylos Kheyre and other nations abroad. His appointment is a joke by a wounded and broken empire, his presence a provocation to the khieran elite soldiers, and his diplomatic skills are just good enough to start another war with one sardonic remark or brutally honest comment. Despite it all, however, he seems determined to accomplish something with this journey. Too knowledgeable to kill, too acerbic to keep around, too dangerous to underestimate... and that's just how he likes it.

Characters are written by myself, Figgers, and Madda.

~ Additional Information ~

Current Timeline: Roughly one year after the war.

Tech Level: Late medieval fantasy. Brimstone has been discovered over the last few years and ideas revolving around mechanical engineering have begun to see testing.

Kheyre/Iylos Kheyre: Kheyre is the larger landmass of the two but at the moment, Iylos Kheyre holds more value. Kheyre is primarily populated by humans and elves and because much of the land is

As in won't yield crops, a khieran defensive strategy.
damaged, it is facing a grim, immediate future unless it can convince the khieran to share their own harvest, which will be plentiful. Iylos kheyre is populated nearly completely by khieran and has a very severe policy on what/who is allowed on their soil. The war is over between these two nations but a treaty has yet to be signed.

Races: Currently we have humans, elves, khieran and delphyn. Khieran are a druid like race who communicate to the earth through the all knowing wisdom of the Earth Mother, who is the giver of all life. The delphyn are an aquatic race with powers to manipulate the ocean and its creatures. The worship the powerful Drowned Father. If you would like more information on either of these races, please see This Thread.

~ Application ~

This is a writing endeavor, not a game. If you are looking for something with structure, or do not enjoy expending literary energy into your posts, then this is not your outlet. If you are looking for an interactive, creative endeavor that is best described as a tag written story, then read further.

One writer, possibly two
You must have applicable, functioning fingers for which to type, and you must
Read: Write
type convincingly and engagingly enough to endear us into accepting you. You must promise to continue typing in this manner after you have become a part of our story.

Posting Frequency
When it is your turn to post, you must post or tell us one of the following: 1) why you cannot post (all reasons accepted), or 2) when you can post. If you lag too many times, we will pummel you with an umbrella. Our current posting rate is currently stalemated, waiting for you, but otherwise it is 2-3 times a week. Most
Which is what you are
half decent writers can accomplish this with a sneeze.

Your Character
Can be anything that you want. Some type of adult able to communicate with others is preferable but kittens and mutes may be accepted as well (I suggest typing doubly convincing for these). Mimes of any shape, size and color, will not be. You may create your own race, nation, city, powers/abilities, etc. We have only ONE very important stipulation and that is that you are responsible for explaining why your character is aboard the ship. They can be part of the mission, part of the crew, or a deviant little stowaway, or a shipwreck survivor in a rowboat, but they must be on the ship to actually join the story. And yes, if you are so inclined, you may use any information available in the forum. Also, you do not have to limit yourself to one character, but we would prefer that you write no more than two.

Must be written and posted here in this thread within a reasonable time frame. I would suggest making your application an enjoyable writing experience that compliments your skill and fully reveals the motivations and personality of your character. Please give us a sidebar of any pertinent information your free write doesn't include, such as abilities/powers, goals, origin and such.

Make your inquiries here so that everyone can see and benefit from the answers. If you feel it is a private matter, you may PM us or speak here in private.

Required Reading
Please read all threads contained in the Game Forum. you may skip the dictionary and OOC. The threads are painlessly short so this should not be an overtaxing expenditure. I would recommend beginning with the prologue then moving to the story thread and following those with the informative threads of the mise en scene. Please note that this is newly begun expedition and since it is 'create as you go', there is not alot of recorded information. If anything confuses you, please ask.

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