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Yeah yeah, this will be modified as things go on.

Old Dogs Reborn

Role play based campaign.

Books allowed: Most of them, anything from Mongoose will have to be rebalanced.

Once upon a time, you were an adventurer. You were known and respected for your honorable deeds or advancements in the cause of good. The experiences of those days will stay with you forever. It seemed like it would never end. But that was another country, and time has passed you by. Age caught up to you and you settled down into whatever life you could make for yourself. Adventuring is for the young.

Maybe that is why when they came for you, your guard wasn't up. Whatever enemies you may have had back then, you weren't expecting anything to happen now. Or maybe it was the sudden weakness that came over you, a chill you could feel to your bones. But somehow, someway, they got the jump on you - and they got you but good and sent you gods-only-know-where.

When you got there, two of them - men as far as you can tell - gave you a working over. In your state, you couldn't object much. You don't remember much of then other than the pain. It seemed to go on forever. Maybe it would be better just to die. But they don't let you. After some time, the haze of pain lifts enough to think - you're not better but they're not hurting you any more. You can hear people gasping, wheezing, whimpering, and crying - and you're one of them.

Opening your eyes, you see the others - each on a stone slab with a threadbare blanket. There's a mirror on the south wall. The face it shows you is not one you've worn for a long, long time. Why did they do that? How? And what else might they have done? Who will stop them or make them pay? Those are fine questions, but there isn't time. Your old adventurer's instinct is acting up - the one that let you get old enough to retire in the first place - and it's telling you one thing: Escape!

Please read the game's Basic Information sub-forum first.

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