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Steady drizzle falls from the ash-gray sky. The crowded rain-slicked buildings seem especially bleak and frightful this evening, hunched together beneath the tireless rain. A few lights burn in their eyes, but mostly their shutters have been closed for the night. The scent of chimney smoke fills the air, and you hear the din of water trundling from the rooftops, splashing into dark alleys, and turning street gutters into rivulets.
A sudden, plaintive cry for help splits the evening air. It seems to come from somewhere behind you...

This adventure is set in the city of Cauldron. It is the adventure called "Life's Bazaar" from the Dungeon magazine issue #97 - Mar/Apr 2003. It will run with four 1st level characters. It begins as the players are walking the streets of Cauldron before nightfall.

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