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Premise: This campaign will take place in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, and will start in and around the town of Loudwater detailed in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting book. For this campaign, Iíll be starting with the adventures included in the Forgotten Realms book, and Iíll be running dungeon magazine adventures after that.

Character submissions: Please send me a private message with your character submissions. I intend to start introduction threads where the characters can connect and start to form a group, and I would like this to happen organically, based more on character description and role playing than on knowledge of a characterís race/class/stats. Once the characters have met and established some sort of a connection with each other, Iíll create a thread where you will post your characterís stat blocks. Below, I will display a list of the character classes for the submissions Iíve already accepted. This way, you wonít waste your time submitting a character whose role has already been filled. Iíll be looking for 5-6 players, no more than two characters for each role, and only one character for each class.

Although I will be taking liberty with the adventures to some extent, please do not apply for this campaign if you are already very familiar with the adventures described above, either because youíve played through them, or because youíve read them with the intent of running them in your own games. Also this game will have a posting requirement of about 1 per day, especially during encounters. Any player that violates this without giving some notice will be dropped from the game.

Characters may be generated using the standard ability generation method any content published by WOTC. Please include a well developed character background, with a reason for being in Loudwater, and a possible link to an eccentric wizard name Curuvar the Brazen (you might know him already, or simply have some reason to seek him out). If you want to establish an existing connection with another character that would be great, just get it worked out between all the players involved and build it into each characters background. Since this campaign wonít be based on a single cohesive adventure path, itís a great opportunity to add adventure hooks into your characterís history since these can give me inspiration for creating some adventures based more specifically around your characters.

Submissions accepted so far:

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