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This game is inspired by various properties owned by DC Comics, and the basic idea of the Earth’s greatest heroes assembling together to fight crime and save the world still holds. However, in this universe things have progressed a bit differently than in the original canon. The various superheroes have only just begun to emerge on the scene, and are still fairly wet behind the ears, so to speak. These rookie heroes will have to learn a lot about themselves and their abilities, and quickly, if they hope to stave off the great evil the Martian Manhunter has warned of. As a result no superhero has more than a couple of years worth of experience beneath his belt.

The game will be composed of a series of missions that will pit our team of nine heroes, guided by the Martian Manhunter, against various threats from across the DC Universe. Are these plots an unrelated series of coincidences, or part of something more sinister? And what exactly is the great evil on the horizon? Furthermore, who has made the Manhunter's list of chosen heroes? The typical Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman-centric ensemble of the standard canon? An off-beat team composed of the likes of The Question, Phantom Stranger, and the Spectre? Or something in between or even totally different?

Character Creation

For this game I will be using material out of the M+M core book and Ultimate power, as such you can as well (duh). You will playing the as the standard PP level 10 characters but with 165 points, as your fledgling heroes have had some experience in crimefighting. To keep up with the theme of this game though, you WILL have to play as established DC characters.

I will ask not you keep the original origin story at all though, just something that seems to fit the theme of that character. Tell me what he has been up since he started his Career as a caped crusader. What villains has he faced? Has he fought an Arch Enemy yet? Accidentally killed someone? Has he fallen in love? Gotten married even?

These choices are up to you. Hero applicants are chosen by merit as well as speed, if you can't deal with that you not mature enough to play this game. Sorry

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