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The land of Harth, home to the Humans, Halflings, and Greenskins, has been invaded by the Taumur, an alliance of Dwarves, Elves, and Gnomes, who long ago turned from divine worship and arcane study to develop their industry, engineering, and economies.

At the height of the war a series of natural disasters struck throughout the land, affecting everyone, everywhere. Destroying Human and Taumur settlements, scattering armies, sinking ships, The Fracturing has devastated the Taumur by splintering their forces, isolating some, and destroying the secure areas of others. The Humans have lost their most powerful weapon, as magic fails in the hands of casters throughout the land, even as priests suffer an immense crisis of faith, with their prayers going unanswered, and their divine powers nearly fading completely. The event known as The Fracturing has created a massive lull in the fighting, as each side desperately attempts to recover.


Mirrors: The Resistance is a goal-oriented, long-term campaign that will allow players to explore characters who are part of, or affected by, the resistance. The campaign will be played in chapters, some stand-alone, some player driven, and some part of a larger story arc; taking players from level 1 upwards. Players begin the campaign as either members of the resistance, fighting bravely against the scattered forces of the Taumur, or simply as survivors, trying to find lost loved ones, or seeking answers to the dual riddles of arcane and divine magic loss. Some may even choose to play as Taumur defectors, knowing they could be hunted by both sides.

Readers: New readers are always welcome, join at will.
Players: If you are interested in playing, send Arella and recoveringgeek a private message.

System: 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons
Setting: Mirrors - A Journey in Reflections
Role-Playing: High
Combat: Low-Medium
Magic: Low

Minimum Post Rate: 1 post per day, Monday Friday.
Allowed Material: Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide, Monster Manual, Mirrors - A Journey in Reflections website.

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