Mystical Rhymes

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  • Created Apr 30 '09
  • Last Post Jul 6 '09 at 5:54pm
  • Status Complete
  • System D20 Modern

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Number of Players Required: 3 maximum

System: D20 Modern/ Urban Arcana

Character Level: 3

Books permitted for Character Creation: D20 modern core, Dark matter, d20 past, Modern player's companion

Character creation directives: This is an urban fantasy game in the style of the Dresden Files, War of the Oaks and such in a homebrew universe. When creating characters I can't stress enough that these characters need to be fully fleshed out and be vividly depicted with interesting goals and traits. This will be a game about wonder, fantasy and magic in a style that will strive to be deeply immersive...

Because of this, no cardboard characters! No munchkins with martial artist build X for one shoting dragons with their fists! I want interesting characters that you will have fun playing beyond combat and stats

I would like to have a fully written background submitted with your application. Something about 1-2 pages long will be enough as long as the character is interesting, I will be satisfied. When writting your background please have it culmulate with your character encountering the supernatural from there, the game will start with the introductory scene that will bring you all together.

Ideally, applicants should submit human characters to facilitate introduction to the game. However, if someone comes along with a non-human species character with a concept that blows my mind away. I might be convinced to accept BUT such a character will have to follow my lead and face special guidelines pertaining to the setting I will stipulate AFTER I have given my O.K for such a character.

Use 28 point buy for your stats, follow standard D20 modern character creation rules.

Other then that, have fun creating your characters :) Applicant chosen will receive a PM informing them they have been selected...

Other considerations: Players can expect me to post twice a day. I , for myself as Gm expect at least 1 post a day from each participants. Players don't have to worry, however, I'm not a tyrant and if RL responsibilities would call them away, we can deal with this when such things come along, and I will more then understand...

Applicants should be informed that this won't be a combat heavy game. Not that you won't find your share of high action romps but applicants should expect combat to be far from the focus of the game and when it comes to rules. I will liberally change them to suit my needs...

Hope to see lots of you :)

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