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The Land of Hollingford

The demon wars have ended...
Broken and ruined, the kingdom of Hollingford begins to pick up the pieces...
Farmers return to thier charred land...
Marchants return to thier shops...
The city of Jamestown begins to rebuild the great structures within...

Many things have changed and many heroes of the old war have made new names for themselves. The world is a differnt place.

  • King Guar, the Outcast has been crowned king. His knowledge of ruling is limited, but his heart is true. His power is not without challenge, but his successes in the war has done more than enough to win powerful allies. Political enemies spring forth in the highest of ranks.
  • The Grand Tower of Wizardry has been founded in Fairfax by Lord Hans Candlechief. With the Temple of the Mind's Eye having been destroyed a new focus on Arcane power begins to breed over psionics for the first time in centuries. The guild has bred the true necromancer, dark worshipers of the arts of Kale. The sect operates secretly, undetected by those attending.
  • The Temple of palor has grown by the hands of Bernard Schaulner, now housing shelters throughout the land. Gaining most of the credit for the light being returned to the lands, the temple threatens to become the one and only god in all the lands. Other temples have found themselves lacking the help required to perform even the meagerst of duties.
  • The Fortress of the Watch has taken flight, soaring over the land, ruled by Lord Chupa and Commander Derrek Shadowleaf. Thier networks spread far and wide. Its missions defend the crown at all costs, though some believe thier methods to be too dark and secretive. Many have seen them commit questionable acts that have seemingly no connection to the crown.
  • The Guild of the Barmaids has grown to reclaim its former glory. Now run by the zealot Hector the Great and his wife Ursela. The power has drawn many adventurers from across the lands. The guild acceptance standards have grown, and most write them off as elitists. The guild hosts many missions of great importance throughout the land. There are those who want to bring the guild down for fear it has too much power.
  • Agoria, the kingdom to the north, has declaired its lifelong alliance with Hollingford. The metal armies it lent are let free, leaving a new race to mingle with the commonfolk and to find thier place in the world: The Warforged. This race is not well accepted in many areas despite thier obvious usefulness in the wars prior. There are whispers that a Cult of the Unmaking has been formed, and research a way to end the lives of all living constructs.
  • The Orc Lord returned to his newly claimed lands to the south. The alliance made with the now dead Lord Richmond being honored by the new king, Guar. The elven resistance still plagues the orcs constantly. Thier crops get burned, thier women and children slain. The vengence of the elves is strong.
  • The elves fell back into greater hiding, thier lands now legally owned by the Orcs. Small resistance parties gather. Though they win small battles and have many friends among the other races, thier kind is dwindling.
  • The evil orginization of the White Spider has retreated back to the shadowlands, plotting carefully its next move. The drow and the illithids have made a new alliance with a Yuan-Ti princess, and they are only biding thier time. They continue to form cults in Hollingford and plant the seeds of evil throughout the land.
  • The psionic Temple of the Mind's eye has begun to rebuild, though times are rough. Many civilians blaim the guild for housing the evil that destroyed Jamestown. This is a stigma the guild has been fighting hard to combat.
  • The Merchant Lord McGill has left Hollingford and is desperate to return to the lands now that the evil has been vanquished. Many local merchants were celebrating his depart, and fight hard to keep him out.
  • The Dark Gnomes abandoned thier caves and retreated deeping into the depths of the world, never to be seen from again. This has Left thier caves to be overrun by foul creatures no longer held back by gnomoi civilization.
The citizens of Hollingford are happy, they pray to Palor and rejoyce daily. It is easy to overlook the evil, breeding benieth the surface, but the Heart Line is strong. The force that connects all heroes. It has found many new souls to set fire to. Those that it allows to feel the unrest of the world. For even in times of peace, there is a place for heroes.

What is yours?

campaign info
The fortress of the Watch. Any other specific questions on it can be asked there.

The elves and the Orcs. Any other specific questions on them can be aked there.

The Cult of the Unmaking. Any other specific questions on them can be asked there.

The Brotherhood of the Barmaids. Any other specific questions on them can be asked there.

Palor, the One True God. Any other specific questions on it can be asked there.

The Demon wars. Any other specific quesions can be asked there.

The Temple of the Minds Eye. Any other specific questions can be asked there.

Halfling Border Knights. Any other specific questions can be asked there.

Character Generation Rules.
I am looking for 6 players.
4d6 drop the lowest. 1 full reroll allowed if you are not satisfied.
Starting Level: 3rd
Allowed Races: Any and all. Make note that Orcs are quite populous, with not as much stigma due to thier efforts in the last war. Elves are uncommon, a race in hiding, due to the percicution by the Orcs.
Allowed Classes: All but Tomb of Battle. Though I allow the feats in the book.
Allowed Books: Any official WOTC book including Unearthed Arcana.



The character apps should be put Here and should include
physical description
Personality / Including a Flaw
characters goals/motivations.

Flaws are REQUIRED.
Flaws can be taken from Unearthed Arcana or from this site here
See house rules

In addition, I have found that there are not enough player driven campaigns, so the reigns will be somewhat in the hands of the players.

The game will be centered around the concept of the Heart Line. The Heart Line is the legendary force that turns ordinary people into heroes. It is what seperates the warrior from the fighter and the adept from the cleric...Everyone will have different pasts, motives, and goals...and may not even meet up with the others...the topics listed above provides a guideline for some character goals...or you can create your own...

This will be a heavy RP game...combat frequency will vary...

Do not post rolls here.

Rolls can be done Here
I encourage you not to be turned off by averageish rolls. This isnt a game that will kill you if you arent amazing at the start.

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