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This game is heavily driven by Baldur's Gate - Shadows of Amn PC game. If you already played that game, you might find this game less appealing because of your knowledge of the setting, but there will be differences, if not only because I am not a computer and you have a wider array of options.

After a normal day of yours, you put yourself to bed. It's a strange sleep, full of nightmares and pain. It seems like an entire life already passed when you open your eyes and wake up in a cold metal cell, 5 ft radius cylinder and 10 ft high. You wear a collar with an identification number of sort and a white tunic, and as you move you realize that the pain you felt in your dream is real indeed.
You stand up in your cell, but you see that you are not alone. Other cells with other humanoids inside, with similar collars and tunics. The room you all are in seems a sort of prison, filled with a dozen separate cells like the one you are in and three closed doors.

D&D 3.5.
Looking for 4-6 players.
Level 7 Characters (25000 XP).
Normal races from PGtF, no templates. LA is fine if you want to play, say, a Genasi or an Aasimar or even a Svirfneblin, but then you'd start some levels behind as normal. I won't accept "lesser" versions of these powerful races.
Not Evil Alignment.
Before you play, please read this article.
32 point buy for stats, plus stat increase at 4th level as normal.
First hit dice maximized, average then (see Fixed Hit Points, DMG 198). Your starting hit points are 3/4 maximum (rounded up) to reflect your pain. You can heal as normal.
NO items. Wizards can start the game with any spell that they can prepare already memorized but they still won't own a spellbook (yet). You will find equipment as you advance in the adventure. Remember that you still need components and foci to cast most spells and you don't own them yet, but don't worry too much about that.

Allowed Books: Player's Handbook 1, Dungeon Master Guide 1, Monster Manual 1, Player's Guide to Faerun. Anything that is mentioned in PGtF but is actually described elsewhere (many spells do) is available as well. Please don't ask for more, as I try to keep things simple for me.

Samgar Edit:

Additional Source for Classes, Feats, and Skills: Expanded Psionics Handbook

For roleplay purposes, psionic powers are indistinguishable from spells. Magic-psionic transparency is active. Psionic power users are roleplayed the same as sorcerers. Manifesters must substitute their choice of one component (verbal and somatic) for every display (auditory, visual, and olfactory) that their power requires.

Variant Rules: Fractional Base Attack Bonuses and Fractional Base Saves. These are optional, but you must use both if you want to use any.

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