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  • Created May 13 '09
  • Last Post Jul 21 '09 at 5:20pm
  • Status Complete
  • System World of Darkness

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The Keene Families Automotives, 9:55pm, 6/3/09
Jackson leaned forward in his chair and pressed the button he coloured red on the tape recorder. Took him a couple hours and one of those nutjobs at Network 0 to get the damn thing working. He pressed the button and exhaled deeply, he then looked around the room and put his hands on his work pants, still oilstained and torn from that bugger of a car from earlier. " Well I hope this will satisfy you weirdos at the network. I'm Jackson and I'm a hunter for The Union. I'm doing this weird interview-talk-thing for you as part of the agreement we had for the information." He leant back in his chair and reached for an old hunting rifle he had. He then grabbed the small blessed box he had obtained from a priest who knew of the things that hid behind the shadows."Well as I'm pretty sure you know already somethings running around killing people. I think it's pretty weird how they died, and I'm not sure what we got here." He rested the bolt action rifle in his lap, muttered a prayer and opened the box. Inside were 6 bullets, each specially crafted to work in his rifle. Each was silver, he wasnt sure how pure, but he knew that they would of been pure enough to hurt whatever got in the way. They had also both been blessed, which Jackson hoped would do something.

"Some people reckoned it was a vampire, some thought werewolves with manners but I'm not quite sure. I found some evidence that I thought was interesting." He said, pulling back the bolt of his rifle and carefully loading each bullet in. Just as he loaded the 6th bullet in a knock came from the door behind him. He swirved around and aimed his rifle at the door Who the hell comes here at this time of night? And how did they get past the damn garage doors? "Hello? Who's there? The shops closed in case you were wondering!" He called as he cautiously moved towards the door. Hands trembling he took his left hand off the barrel and swung the door open. Noone was there. He sighed and turned back towards his desk. He instantly span around as he heard a scuffling behind him, gun at the ready, he saw what was at the door and dropped his gun. A loud bang cracked within the shop and echoed for a second. He calmly moved back towards his desk and sat down again. "But sometimes, you get things wrong, it may not be what you expect. Sometimes your not looking for the monster without. But the monster within. Let my wife and kids know that I-
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This is the NWOD

Sure hope i've interested some people here but you can never be sure. This will be a World of Darkness game using the Hunter: The Vigil main sourcebook and The Armoury. As well as the Slasher sourcebook for anyone applying for the position as the Slasher.

Players will be beginning with an extra 40xp to represent the fact that the hunters (and slasher) have been doing this long enough to be called veterans. The slasher will also be gaining 40xp.If the Players wish they may forsake any amount of XP to represent they are new to the Vigil. The players will be limited to the NWOD corebook, Hunter: The Vigil handbook, The Armoury and Slasher (For the slasher obviously)

The game will be set in New york.The hunters have been at the vigil for a while, they may carry the scars of battle mentally or physically. Since I'm new to the game and the only real experience i have with this system is book learning i may have some difficulty with things but i have the basics down.

Wait you've been hinting at something haven't you?

Yes I have. If you didn't pick it up the game will be a Slasher PC vs Hunter PCs game. But just because you guys are the only PC's in the game doesn't mean it will be just the two teams. The police will also be a crucial thing in the game. While they may be focusing on the killer if the hunters have any bad blood or outstanding warrants with the police they may also be sought after just as much as the slasher.


For this game I will need One slasher and 4 or 5 hunters to rival the slashers efforts.

This is what i'll be looking for in an application (aside from good roleplaying and backstory)

Organisation: Former or current or you may never of been part of one. These can be the Hunter ones or the Hunt Club (Slasher only)
Profession: Your job,what you do (Aside from a hunter/slasher,eg. a gangbanger) or you could have been a hobo. Keep in mind if your a hobo i don't expect you to have that many posessions unless you can explain how you got them.
For hunters: Can you work in the reason you joined the vigil, maybe monsters murdered your family, maybe you just saw through the shadows and was enraged at what you saw on the other side
For slashers: What was the thing that propelled you into your hatred of human life? Maybe you were abused growing up, maybe you experienced an event that pushed you over the edge. Maybe you were a hunter, whos morality just eroded after all the killing
For Slashers
Undertaking: You can be a Scourge or a Ripper class, any of the kinds are allowed (So that means you can be a avenger,freak,genius,charmer, a brute or any of their counterparts.)

You've been mentioning them alot but what the heck are slashers?
Remember how you grew up you may of seen some of those movies like Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th? And as you grew older you began to see a more cultivated sort of killer like Hannible Lector? Now imagine if the slashers from those films lived close to you? What if people started disappearing in your neighbourhood or city? Then people started to find the bodies, and suddenly people would rather the bodies had stayed undiscovered?

You know that someone out there has been the one depositing these corpses somewhere and you start to wonder what kind of monster would do this to people? And deep down you realise that it wasn't a monster that has done these heinous things it's a person. At least it was a person. But then what if these killers were capable of doing things beyond the abilities of normal people? These people have forsaken their humanity to a point where they had become something more, something supernatural?

Well hopefully i've peaked your interest enough. I've got this nibbling little thought in the back of my head that I forgot something so if you have any questions please reply with them.

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