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The Opening
Cora, once the creator god of a host of beings, is now dead, and her body broken into pieces. These pieces drift through the cosmos, giving life to all sorts of magical and fantastical beings. You find yourself amidst the conflicts of deities, cults, and churches who hold obscure views and threaten to destroy the very planes themselves. The crystalforged are marching once again, and the limits of their destructive capabilities know no bounds. Rumors that precious stones dug from the earth hold immense powers, those unlike anything the world has seen before, float from tavern to tavern; while the Underworld seems poised to wreak havoc upon Cora. Maybe these rumors hold some worth, maybe it is the key to stopping them?

The Hook
Reports of unusual activity near Ithas, along with claims of lost treasures buried beneath rubble from the first War have begun to circulate between the cities of Cora. It appears a new threat is awakening from the ruins of the lost city. Undead have begun to rise from graves, and were creatures have begun to feast upon townsfolk, getting braver as the days pass. The empire has put a call for any and every adventurer to help quell this nuisance. Your path leads to Ithas, for fame? for fortune? or to solve the plague? Only time will tell...

General Info
Cora is my baby, which I am now ready to let loose here on myth-weavers after being in development for the past 4 months. I'm looking for people well versed in DnD 3.5 mechanics to stress test, adventure, and balance out my new campaign setting. Many of the setting's specific persons, places, gods, magic, classes, and special sites need expansion, exploration, review, and flavor. If this is something you would like to undertake then I welcome you to throw in for a spot. Again this is not for new players, or those just looking for their 10th DnD game. I want creative talent, people willing to lend a hand in creating and fleshing out a wholly undiscovered world. I want to see this setting grow and expand with creativity beyond what I originally planned for it.

Campaign Info
To begin with, I will be attempting to run through a pre-generated adventure book. Places, names, and motivations will be changed to suit my Campaign Setting. I hope this will allow us to get a feel for class balance, suggestions, and begin to create a bit of a story with the characters and how they interact directly with the World of Cora. Please make sure you familiarize yourself with the campaign setting: The World of Cora. It is absolutely necessary to making a character as things operate much differently.

Because I'm looking for creativity, I'm going to make sure to say this from the beginning. This is my campaign setting, I have put a lot of hours in it, and I encourage creativity, but I have a fixed idea of what is possible and not possible in it and what feeling I want to produce. Please do not take offense to creative works submitted that I do not think will fit the setting, I will try and work with you to make them fit, so that the general feel remains constant. I will try to be very open to suggestions and changes as I have already been throughout the creation of the world so far. On that note, expect things to change. Don't expect that anything will remain exactly as it is. The setting is fairly new, and most likely has problems, holes, and things that I have completely forgotten.

Character Creation
All Campaign Setting info can be found here: The World of Cora
Characters will begin at 1st level. We will be using E8 (Epic 8). This means that you stop leveling at 8th level, and for every 5,000 experience you gain after 8th you gain a bonus feat.
Please follow the links in this thread to find out more on character creation. I have purposely not posted all the info on here to make sure you are going there and reading!
During character creation I would love to see you attempt to throw broken combos, insane mixtures or other things that fly out as completely overpowered to help me catch balancing issues.

Please format Applications like this so that I can easily determine that you want into the game:
[b]Name:[/b] <link to sheet/name>
[b]Race:[/b] <what race are you?>
[b]Class:[/b] <what class are you?>
[b]Alignment:[/b] <what alignment?>
[spoiler=background] <Background info> [/spoiler]
[spoiler=personality] <personality info> [/spoiler]
I will be accepting talent as I see it, that doesn't mean you need to write a two page background, I would rather you know how your character will act in a situation than know every detail of how he was brought up in the world. If there is enough interest I will consider adding other GMs and seperate groups. Currently I have planned for only 5 people, though this may change at a later date and as things begin to flow neatly. Evil characters are slightly discouraged. If you are wanting to play one then you will need to come up with some very good hooks explaining why your character is ok working with good characters, and not off destroying the world by himself.

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