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Your old friend and mentor, Douven Staul, the man who trained you for a life of adventure, has gone missing. Three months have past since he left for the town of Winterhaven; he should have returned long ago. Douven was a rabid explorer of old ruins and, after finding a map that revealed the location of a dragon's tomb not far from Winterhaven, left to seek out the tomb. If the dragon is buried there, he said before departing, why not it's hoard?

Douven's continued absence does not sit well with your party and you're determined to locate Douven - and bring him home.

Everyone needs to get their gaming fix somehow and since there are no groups playing where I'm at (Germany), PbP is the only way I can get some 4E DM experience. I'm interested in getting a group of relatively new players involved in this adventure and, if the interest remains high by the end, I can continue running through the adventure path.

[Game Master]
I, wasab1, will be running this game.

[Game Explanation]
I am not expecting real heavy role-playing for my first go around; I'm more interesting in getting comfortable with the mechanics of 4E at the moment. However, if the players would like to explore their characters more in depth, who am I to stop them?

[Application Process]
There are five spots open and players can express interest in this thread. Applications will be accepted until May 30th.

[Character Creation]
PHB, PHB2, Martial Power, Arcane Power, FR Player's Guide (for Swordmage and Dark Pact Warlock). I have a current DDI subscription so Dragon Magazine is acceptable (barring stance feats). I'd like everyone to stick to the races from the PHB and PHB2 though. Players can choose one General character background from the PHB2.

Character creation will use the 22-point buy method, with standard starting gold to buy equipment.

I am not requiring a huge, novella-like background though a few sentences explaining who your character is and why they're adventuring would be lovely.

[Additional information]
The characters will already know each other as the adventure starts, so I'd like to keep Evil out of the equation.

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